Autumn is at its peak in the Sunshine Coast and we are here for it at Finn Bay Farm Retreat! The air is getting crisper on the Sunshine Coast and we are stacking up the fire wood for our visitors. It’s the season to get cozy and snug, and our luxury cabins are the perfect places to get your hygge on, with some modern twists.

What is hygge you might ask? Though there is no direct translation, hygge (pronounced HUE-guh) is essentially the Danish concept of getting cozy and living well. It’s about finding joy in the simple things and appreciating what is in front of you–we are here to help with that!


Yes, disconnect. Though Finn Bay Farm Retreat has an excellent wi-fi connection, our cabins and grounds will inspire you to put your electronics down (or at least turn on Airplane mode) so you can just take it all in.

Get Outside

Whether you want to walk into Lund Village, down to our pond, or over to Diver’s Rock Regional Park, Finn Bay Farm Retreat is the perfect place to get your step on. Walk the dog, go for a run, or wander around the property taking pictures. We are also happy to suggest some easy and scenic routes that are close by.


Both our Blue Jay and Yurt cottages are equipped with full kitchens that include a gas range and oven. Whether you’re ordering take out or cooking with some of the vegetables from our garden, sitting down for a meal is one of the most hygge things to do on your own or with your loved ones.

Soak in the Hot Tub

After a walk around, you might want to stay outside but still be warm. The answer to this is your very own private hot tub! A favourite feature for many of our guests, soak your bones and enjoy the crisp air and view of the majestic trees on the property.

Warm Up by the Fire

Though our cabins also have modern heating, the wood-burning fireplaces create all the warmth you need when staying in our cabins. Create a cozy space to sit around to chat, read on one of our comfy couches, or get some writing done on your laptop. All with a nice cup of tea or coffee by your side, or perhaps with a Townsite Beer or a Salt Spring wine!

Watch a Movie

Having all the modern amenities of home in such a cozy space calls for popcorn and a movie, don’t you think? Snuggle up with some blankets and have a movie night.

Come find your hygge at Finn Bay Farm Retreat! More information on our accommodations can be found here. We look forward to hosting you!